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Metamorphit Paint


Metamorph-It-Paint™ encompasses all the elements of todays popular chalk, mineral and or milk base paint.   Our paint has its own little niche and unique blend of ingredients that makes it a wonderful choice for your future projects.

Here is one of the many reasons we believe our paint is uniquely its own.

Like the others, no sanding or priming is necessary.  We take it one step further.  Our finished product does not create the "ash or chalky" swipe marks when you rub your hand over the dry surface.   We have blended additional binders into our paint that will produce a high quality final  finish.  

However, like most high quality paints we DO recommend the use of a superior water base sealer in high traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms cabinetry.  We recommend the Beautiful™ Furniture Seal Satin or Matte.  You will find that we also carry these topcoats in our store.

Finally we want you to have fun with our paints!  Ask how you can become a Metamorphi-It™ Paint Partner, hold you own paint parties and make a little money along the way!


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