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Canvas Creators with Mindy Harrell

Canvas Creators with Mindy Harrell is three full days of creative bliss!  Mindy will walk you through a journey on how to get in touch with your inner Monèt and start making some Monèy with your art.

Why pick this class?  It is Mindy's firm belief that setting a solid foundation on which to build upon with various tips and techniques is what most creative people need to get them started.

She is clear in stating that you will not re-create her work, but rather be given helpful tools to create you own original art.

Over the course of three days you will create 4-5 pieces of art.  It really just depends on you.  Some people are fast, some need more time to process, etc!  It really doesn't matter, what matters is that you are given the tools and than its up to you to create at your own pace.


You will work on advanced image transfer techniques, encaustic painting, re-creating from a picture (in your own style) Mixed media application, and if time permits a "freestyle" painting.


Best yet, Mindy is always available to you after class and is generous in her time and commitment to helping you succeed as an artist.

In the down time, we will discuss marketing, branding and creating an artist statement for yourself as an artist.

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